ERA's conference in Barcelona not affected by pro-Catalan protests

ERA's recent Packaging and Decorative Gravure Conference in Barcelona was succesful, and over a hundred participants from the European gravure industry attended the two-day event in the Catalan capital. They witnessed presentations on the status of packaging and decorative gravure printing and technogical advancements of the gravure process. The ongoing political unrest in Barcelona concerning the demand for Catalan independence from Spain by the meanwhile ousted separatist regional government did not affect the conference. The general strike, which was called by the separatist movement for Wednesday 8 November, was actually ignored by the vast majority of the people. However, separatist rioters and activists were at least able to block the traffic on the highways leading into and out of the city for a while. ERA's plant tour programme, including visits to the Impress factory in the northern outskirts of Barcelona and to the HP headquarters in Sant Cugat, was affected by the blockades on the highways (see photo on the right) and therefore reduced to the vist to HP.

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